Danish Pastries 

Qty:10 pastries


1) 200g Flour sifted

2) 2g Instant dry yeast

3) 4g Salt

4) Half egg

5) 20g Sugar granulated

6) 1 pinch Cardamom powder

7) 20g Butter

8) quarter tea spoon lemon zest soft

9) 100mls. luke warm milk

10) 100g Pastry margarine soft


  1. Sift the flour on your work table and make a well (or bay). Put all remaining ingredients except the pastry margarine for “rolling in" and knead into a dough.
  2. Cover the dough and place at a warm place to rise to double for 20 min. Punch the dough down and roll into a rectangular shape about half a centimeter thick, Add the pastry margarine for “rolling in" and give the dough three single turns with an interval of about 20 min. between each turn.
  3. Finally, roll out again and divide the dough into the various pieces and shapes as required (various fillings are used).
  4. Then place the pastries onto the baking sheets, allow to rise, brush with egg-wash and bake in a preheated oven ( about 220C ).
  5. When baked and whilst still hot, brush over with hot apricot puree and glaze with a white sugar icing.

NB: Danish Pastries Fillings:-

  1. Custard cream with Sultanas
  2. Almond paste