Black Forest Gateau

By Joseph Onchwati, Development Chef, Nestlé Equatorial Africa

Recipe Qty:15 cm. Diameter

  1. 1 Chocolate sponge 15 cm diameter
  2. 30 gms. Morelo cherries fresh or tinned
  3. 80 gms. Cherry jam or red plum jam
  4. 200 gms. Whipped cream
  5. 60 gms. Sugar granulated boiled once with
  6. 80 mls. Water to make sugar syrup.
  7. 1 tbsp. Cherry liquor
  8. 4 gm. Gelatine dissolved in
  9. 20 mls. Water
  10. 150 gms.Chocolate shavings approximately


  1. Slice the sponge into three flat and level discs.
  2. Boil the sugar and the 80 mls. Water once to form sugar syrup and let cool, then mix with the 1 tbsp. Liquor.
  3. Take the whipped cream and mix with the melted Gelatin. Soak the bottom disc with the some sugar syrup liquor mix but do not make it soggy.
  4. Smear it with half of the jam, and take half of the cherries and cut into quarts, place half of them on the jam by sprinkling evenly then cover with a coat of some of the gelatinated cream.
  5. Place the second disc on top and repeat the same as with the first disc, then place the third disc on top, and ice ( coat ) the whole cake with the remaining gelatinated cream (leaving aside some of the cream to pipe rossets latter when garnishing ).
  6. With the help of a sharp knife coat the iced cake with cream, with chocolate shavings all over, then pipe the above mentioned rossets of cream and top them with the remaining cherries.

Chocolate Sponge Recipe Qty: 1 Round (Diameter 20 cm)

  1. 5 Eggs whole
  2. 130 gms. Sugar granulated
  3. 45 gms. Flour sifted
  4. 65 gms. Corn flour sifted
  5. 50 gms. Butter melted
  6. Pinch salt pinch
  7. Half Lemon zest finely grated
  8. 25gms. Cocoa powder


  1. Line your baking tin with grease proof paper.
  2. Combine eggs and sugar with salt and lemon zest in a mixing bow land beat in a "bainmarie" until warm and fluffy.
  3. Remove bowl from the heat and continue to whisk until stiff and cold.
  4. Then an assistant could help you to add the flour, cocoa powder and butter while you are folding in. (flour and corn flour sifted together).
  5. Fill in greased moulds lined with grease-proof paper and bake at180 degree centigrade - reduce to 160 Degr. C. during second half