Staying Healthy



Being physically active does not mean working out everyday for hours on end. In fact 30-60 minutes 4 days a week is great.

Tips for staying active:

  • Walk whenever you can.
  • Stretch everyday
  • Choose activities that you enjoy doing because it helps you maintain that healthy lifestyle.
  • You can use the staircase instead of lift.
  • You can do cycling , dancing to your favourite music and swimming.
  • Have a friend join you.

Sample Weekly Fitness Plan

Day Type of exercise Duration Exercise alone or with someone
Monday Walk to work 20 minutes Alone
Tuesday Dance at a quick pace 30 minutes With friends
Wednesday Jog 30 minutes  With friends
Thursday Walk to work 20 minutes Alone
Friday Stretching exercise 20 minutes Alone
Saturday Swimming 40 minutes With friends
Sunday Play with kids 45 minutes With kids