There two types of malnutrition : Undernutrition and over nutrition

There are two forms of undernutrition:

  1. Protein deficiency Malnutrition - kwashiorkor can occur in infancy but its maximal incidence is in the 2nd year of life following abrupt weaning.
  2. Energy and protein undernutrition - Marasmus represents the end result of starvation where both proteins and calories are deficient.

Give your child adequate amount of portion of food from the 5 main food groups . This will prevent protein and energy deficiencies.

Features of kwashiorkor and marasmus


When to see a doctor
When you have the symptoms of anaemia

Over nutrition

Can result to obesity or being overweight


A measurement is obtained by dividing a person’s weight(in kg) by the square of the person’s height(in metres).
Obesity increases the likelihood of various diseases , particularly cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, depression.


  • Control your food portion size
  • Exercise