Why are proteins important?

Protein helps in growth and development. It provides the nutrients for healthy functioning and growth of muscles, organs, the skin, hair and nails.

There are two types of protein sources: animal proteins and plant proteins.

Animal proteins: These include milk, fish, beef, poultry, eggs. There are also milk alternatives such as  cheese, yoghurt and meat alternatives such as tofu, mushrooms.


Size of one serving: 1 cup of milk/yoghurt(240 ml), 85g of meat, fish, poultry and 1 boiled egg.

A palm=85 grams 

Plant proteins – legumes (beans, peas, soybeans, chickpeas, nuts) and seed.


Size of one serving: 1/4 cup cooked or a handful of nuts and seed

2-3 servings recommended per day


Eat lean meat and remove skin and visible fat

You can eat a separate serving of dairy, 2-3 servings

Plant protein can serve as the alternative to animal protein