Why are fruits important?

Fruits are an important source of vitamins, fibre and minerals (folate & potassium) which help in the functions of the body

  • Fibre: Normal digestive functioning, Cardiovascular health, improve control of diabetes and blood sugar
  • Potassium: nerve and muscle function
  • Vitamin C: Body immunity, nervous system, blood vessels
  • Vitamin A: vision, growth, body immunity
  • Folic acid: Formation of blood and body cells, nervous system development in the unborn baby

Sources: avocado, apple, banana, orange, pineapple, mango, plums, strawberries, pawpaw


2-4 servings recommended per day


Oranges- vitamin C, vitamin A
Mango- vitamin A and C
Paw paw- vitamin A
Guava- zinc

Size of one serving: 1 medium size apple, half a large piece of banana, orange, ½ cup of fruit juice, ½ cup of diced or canned fruit(no sugar added).

Fibre is contained in the skin of fruits and vegetables, avoid peeling fruits if possible, just wash them thoroughly under running water. Fruits in season will be especially fresh and rich in vitamins and of course delicious!!