Why are carbohydrates important?

Carbohydrates provide energy. But not all carbohydrates are the same, they contain different nutritional value.

Whole grain carbohydrates contain fibre. This is because the 3 layers of the grain have been included in the product. In comparison to a refined carbohydrate which only contains the middle layer.


Food sources: brown bread, brown pasta, oat meal, brown rice, yams, sweet potato, arrow roots.


6-11 servings recommended per day
A cupped hand =1/2 cup

Size of one serving: 1 slice of brown bread,1/2 cup  pasta , cooked cereal, brown rice, 1 cup ready to eat cereal flakes. 


Whole grain carbohydrates are one of the healthiest sources of carbohydrates.

Dietary fibre in grains helps increases the feeling of fullness after eating, regulates digestion thus reducing your chances of constipation and reduces the risk of heart disease.


For Breakfast choose a high fibre cereal or bread.


Use brown rice rather than white


Use whole wheat pasta