Nutrition, Health and Wellness

Nestlé Nutrition - Vision

  1. Global Vision: Enhancing the quality of life
  2. Nestlé Nutrition operates in four key business areas

  • a) Infant Nutrition

  • b) Healthcare Nutrition

  • c)  Performance Nutrition

  • d)  Weight Management

Nestlé Nutrition - Our Responsibility

  1. Nestlé adheres to the provisions of the WHO code on the marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes.
  2. Breastfeeding is the Best.
  3. Nestlé develops and delivers innovative, effective and scientifically proven nutrition products with functional benefits.

Nestlé Nutrition - Our Brands

  1. Nestlé develops and delivers innovative, effective, scientifically proven nutrition products with functional benefits.
  2. Our brands include infant formula products as well as infant cereals like CERELAC®.

Nutrition and Baby’s Development

  1. Every baby is unique and develops at his/her own pace. The Nestlé Developmental Nutrition Plan (NDNP) identifies four major stages of development for babies from six months to around three years old. The four stages are:

NDNP: The Four Stages

  1. Stage 1: Gentle first foods
  2. Stage 2: New tastes
  3. Stage 3: Richer tastes and textures
  4. Junior: Strong foundation

Start Healthy Stay Healthy

  1. This program provides mum with integrated superior nutritional information and services on products which help her with the best feeding choices. We want the Nestlé Start Healthy Stay Healthy Program to become mother's partner throughout the exciting motherhood journey, from pregnancy to when her baby is 3 years old.

Developmental Milestones

  1. From the first moments of conception through the “ups and downs” of infancy each mother undertakes a special journey with her baby. During the baby’s journey many physiological and developmental changes take place which can be influenced by the nutritional choices made by her on behalf of her own health and that of her baby.

Integrated Feeding Plan (IFP)

  1. This is a science-based feeding program which provides assistance to mother’s on how to put together the optimal daily diet for their infants and young children. It integrates products from different food categories within the Nestlé Nutrition portfolio with breast milk and home-prepared foods to ensure their nutritional needs are met.
  2. The aim of the Nestlé IFP is to help mothers nurture happy, healthy babies by providing the following for each development stage:
  3. Science-based nutrition and feeding guidance 
  4. Healthy product choices   
  5. Healthy, balanced daily menus

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