The Nestlé Nutrition Institute Africa (NNIA) hosts a scientific meeting in Zimbabwe

To Press Releases listOct 28, 2014

Tuesday 28th October 2014, Meikles Hotel, Harare: In its quest to promote the understanding of the Science of Nutrition over the African continent, the Nestlé Nutrition Institute Africa (NNIA) is hosting a Nutrition Scientific meeting for some 150health care professionals in Harare. The scientific meeting will discuss the topic “Micronutrient deficiencies: First 1 000 Days”. The discussion will broadly raise awareness and advocate for improved programmes to achieve nutrition security. Maternal and Child Nutrition during the First 1000 days from pregnancy, to beyond the age of two, with the latest information on various aspects of early nutrition and later health outcomes will also be discussed.

This scientific meeting is being organised by the NNIA Board members from various African countries inclose collaboration with the local Health Practitioners who will lead the discussion on “The general nutrition status of infants and young children in Zimbabwe”. TheZimbabwe NNIA Board representative Ms. Irene Sambostated that: “This scientific meetingwill provide information, guidance and support to healthcare professionals in order to bridge the latest scientific developments and their application to achieving optimal nutrition.”

The NNIA is a virtual institute and its vision is to build a future in which people throughout the African continent will have longer and healthier lives. It is an independent, non-profit making organisation and the non-commercial arm of Nestlé Nutrition. The NNIA partners with healthcare professionals by offering them nutrition information, education and a platform for networking and the sharing of new research and developments. Access to nutrition information is offered to health care professionals on the African website and also in a global website

“The institute fosters ‘Science for Better Nutrition’ because we are convinced that innovative, science-based nutrition can help enhance the quality of people’s lives all over Africa” says Professor Norman Nyazema, pharmacologist and Senior Lecturerat the University of the North in Limpopo province in South Africa. Professor Nyazema is a past board member of the NNIA.

The objective of this scientific conference is to share the latest developments in the field of nutrition. This is a series of scientific programmes lined up for the years to come in Zimbabweand the NNIA will continue to act as a catalyst in this endeavour.