New CEO for Nestlé Equatorial Africa

To Press Releases listFeb 20, 2019

Nestlé has today announced the appointment of Mr. Cornel Krummenacher as the Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Equatorial African Region (EAR).

Mr. Krummenacher will assume his responsibility on 1st September 2014 taking over from Ian J. Donald who has been the head of the region since May 2012.

Within the Nestlé group, Krummenacher has held senior management positions in Switzerland and China for respective cycles of 9 years, and has overseen business operations for Latin America and Asia. He brings to this region his strong experience in emerging markets.

His predecessor, Ian J. Donald has been a key figure in overseeing Nestlé’s growth and expansion in the Equatorial African Region part of which was the opening of two new factories in Angola and Congo. Donald returns to his native South Africa, where he will take over the role of CEO of Nestlé

Nestlé EAR oversees operations in 21 countries with 9 operating companies and 5 representative offices. Consequently, the number of employees has grown from about 400 to approximately 1,000 in the last six years.

“I am extremely happy to have served in this region. I am particularly pleased about the impact of Nestlé’s contribution in the economic landscape of the region, and the fact that we are now playing a more predominant role in the community,” said Ian.

In line with the company’s “Creating Shared Value” philosophy, Nestlé EAR has been increasing farmers’ capacity building activities targeting the dairy and coffee sectors in Kenya through the East Africa Dairy Development project and The Nescafé Plan respectively.