Nestlé Kenya to recruit more NESCAFÉ® coffee vendors

To Press Releases listFeb 9, 2014

Nestlé Kenya is rolling out a plan to recruit one hundred entrepreneurs in its NESCAFÉ® ‘My Own Business’ (MYOWBU) programme giving hope to job seekers and helping to manage rising youth unemployment rates - currently estimated between 65 and 80 percent.

MYOWBU initiative is led by Nestlé Professional, the Nestlé business that supplies the out-of-home food service industry.

According to Nestlé Kenya Managing Director, Ms. Svetlana Obruchkova, the MYOWBU programme, launched in 2012, is already breeding a new set of entrepreneurs in the country who are now able to earn up to Sh500 per day in profits.

“We have over 50 kits in operation in the country and about 30 youths running their own coffee businesses that are recording commendable returns,” said Ms. Obruchkova.

As part of the recruitment drive, Nestlé Kenya through existing vendors in high density market areas identifies youth who after undergoing prerequisite training, are given free NESCAFÉ ® kits. These activities are overseen by Nestlé Professional who provides operators with equipment, guidance and extra training.

“After careful selection, the new vendors undergo full day training in sales, quality assurance and hygiene and thereafter are given the kits to start their own business,” explained Ms. Obruchkova.

Nestlé Professional also conducts weekly and monthly evaluations to ensure high standards are maintained by all vendors. In addressing the lack of capital, as a challenge to self-employment, Nestlé offers a starters’ pack that allows a recruit to run his or her business for three days. Each new vendor is given a kit comprising a coffee dispenser, NESCAFÉ® products, hot water flasks, disposable cups among others. Thereafter, they are able to purchase new stocks from the vendors.

According to Ms. Obruchkova, Nestlé Kenya aims to recruit over 500 youths (ages between 24 and 35) into this programme by 2016. And as part of their short term goals this year, Nestlé Kenya will be partnering with various universities through students’ clubs by giving them kits to run their own businesses.

“We believe this will help the students earn enough to support their clubs as an alternative to relying on corporate sponsorship,” said Ms. Obruchkova.

The MYOWBU programme was started in West Africa before being launched in Kenya in 2012 as part of Nestlé’s Creating Shared Value business principle. The principle is a unique way of looking at Corporate Social Responsibility - Nestlé believes that they can do business in ways that deliver long-term shareholder value and benefit society.

The programme aims to boost the NESCAFÉ ® coffee brand in busy public areas such as open markets, stadiums and bus stops, while helping operators appointed by Nestlé Professional to manage their street-vending business.

According to Mrs. Jacinta Muthoni, an existing MYOWBU Operator, the initiative not only helps generate daily income, but also as vendors they end up creating more job opportunities.

“I thank God for the MYOWBU initiative. For the few months I have been in business, I have employed 7 vendors, sent my daughter to a private university and with the monthly income, I secured a loan to buy a mini bus,” said Muthoni.

“The initiative is a great way to build entrepreneurial spirit and boost the lives of young people and their families, while getting closer to our consumers,” said Ms. Obruchkova.