Nestlé Congo partners with Pronanut to educate the public through health posters

To Press Releases listAug 3, 2015


Pronanut, the nutrition arm of the Ministry of Health, today signed-off educative posters developed and published by Nestle Congo to be posted in several health clinics around Kinshasa.

The posters highlight the challenges of key micronutrient deficiencies many face in DRC and details on the importance of consuming nutrients from local foods.

Head of Pronanut, Professor Banea signed-off the posters at the Nestlé Congo factory in Kinshasa in an event that was also presided over by the Directeur General of Nestlé Congo, Mr. Hervé Barrere.

According to Mr. Hervé Barrere, Nestlé Congo has made great strides in addressing micronutrient deficiencies through undertaking several initiatives across the country.

“In addition to this initiative, Nestlé Congo has been working in close collaboration with Pronanut on the Nestlé Global Healthy Kids Programme. This is a unique nutrition education program targeting primary school children ages 6 – 12 years,” said Mr. Hervé Barrere.

The Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme is aimed at improving the nutrition knowledge and promoting healthy lifestyles among school children through the teaching of healthy eating, encouraging physical activity and other key health measures such as hygiene.

Nestlé Congo has also made considerable achievements from its continuous partnership with the government in the fight against malnutrition. Together with government stakeholders, Nestle held first Nutrition Conference in 2014 and another in 2015 under the theme “Micronutrient deficiencies, an unknown reality in the Democratic Republic of Congo” to raise awareness and debate on ways of combatting micronutrient deficiencies in the DRC.

“Recently, we also presented a White Paper emanating from our 2014 Nestlé Nutrition Conference to Mr. José Sele Yalaghuli, Cabinet Director (Chief of Staff) who received it on behalf of the Prime Minister Matata Ponyo Mapon. The White Paper summarises the discussions, challenges and solutions addressed during the conference,” Mr. Hervé Barrere said.

Nestlé Congo has also embarked on providing nutrition expertise and healthy eating tips at MAGGI women’s forums, discussing and engaging with the media on micronutrient deficiencies and solutions to combat this and highlighting proper eating habits through a TV cooking show, and scenettes to a much wider audience.

“These posters are yet another step and opportunity to educate the public on key vitamins and minerals their families might be lacking.  Most importantly, the posters in a simple and effective way provide solutions for the benefit of the entire family,” explained Mr. Hervé Barrere.

Nestlé Congo in partnership with the Ministry of Health was tasked to develop and publish the posters as another key channel to educate the Congolese people on the importance of consuming nutrients from local foods which will in-turn help in the fight against malnutrition and other nutrition deficiencies.

Look out for the posters that will be in health clinics around the Kinshasa area.