Nestlé Congo launches the Healthy Kids Program

To Press Releases listKinshasa, DRC,May 9, 2012

Nestlé launches the Healthy Kids Program in the Democratic Republic of Congo On Friday, October 5th, 2012 Nestlé Congo launched its HEALTHY KIDS program in Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of the Congo. With a remarkable representation of the pupils and the teachers, the opening ceremony was driven by the Secretary General of Health in the presence of the Secretary General of the Primary, secondary and professional Education and Mister Hervé Barrere, Country Manager of Nestlé Congo Sprl. The ceremony was as well attended by officers of the PNSSU (National Program of Schools and Universities Health) the EPSP (Primary, secondary and professional Education) and the Pronanut (National Program of Nutrition) A little more than a week before, on September 26th, Nestlé Congo inaugurated its Maggi® bouillon Factory in Kingabua in a ceremony led by the representative of the Prime Minister in the presence of the delegates from various areas ( ministries, companies, sellers and consumers reps). Nestlé supports sustainable development of the RDC. To summarise this, Hervé barrère mentioned in his speech: “Maggi from Kingabua, by Congolese, for Congolese” This was in presence of Ian Donald, Head of Equatorial Africa Region, Alfredo Fenollosa Vice President and Technical Director of Zone AOA. In its model of doing business, Nestlé keeps an important place for the Creation of Shared Value ( CSV), notion which is in the heart of the business principles of the group. Regarding the CSV, Nestlé works through three branches, namely the Water, the Nutrition and the rural Development with focus to the specific needs of the concerned community. With the Healthy Kids program, Nestlé Congo intends to bring, with the other partners of the public sector, its contribution to the resolution of nutritional problems in RDC. This program does not allow commercial activities bound to our production or to the promotion of our brands. The program consists of transmitting the basic knowledge regarding nutrition and the practice of the physical activities to the children in school age. In DRC the program is entitled “Ma Nutrition c’est Ma Santé" (My Nutrition it is My Health) and aims at improving the nutritional knowledge of the children between 8 and 12 years of age by promoting a better knowledge of the available food in their environment, the importance of a well-balanced diet, the practice of the physical activities as well as the other important measures as hygiene and the care to the environment. “This program thus strengthens the ability of the children to operate healthy food choices with full knowledge of the facts and to adopt good habits of physical exercise and hygiene, which implies a positive impact on their health and wellness”, said Hervé Barrère, during the official ceremony. The title “My Nutrition it is my Health " was rightly established within the steering committee of this program to infer a good appropriation of the contents with the Congolese children. Indeed this program runs in a Public Private Partnership under a MoU signed between Nestlé Congo Sprl and the Ministry of Health for two years. The pilot phase during the school year 2012-2013 includes nearly 2500 children. The partners settled the objective to reach at least 3500 pupils at the end of the second year. A questionnaire was distributed in schools before the educational intervention. The results so obtained kelp to keep a picture which will serve as reference during the evaluation at the end of the intervention. The other plus is that the lessons will be incorporated to the existing curriculum, as a partial integration of the current contents of the national program. During the inaugural ceremony a teacher was given the opportunity to demonstrate to the public how the contents of the Healthy Kids program will be integrated in the daily school practice. This constitutes an advantage for the durability and geographical expansion of the program in schools either within an extended collaboration with Nestlé or beyond. In addition, Healthy Kids will take place in a context of multidisciplinary and synergic collaboration which makes it very contributory at the various socio-sanitary levels such as the national plan of sanitary development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the MDGs.