Nestlé Equatorial African Region adopts SAP to link with Nestlé regions globally

To Press Releases listNairobi,Jan 2, 2012

USD 11 million invested in rolling out the system to eight Equatorial African countries

Nestlé Equatorial African Region, the newest of all Nestlé regions has migrated to the world’s leading business management software - SAP. The system which is customized to Nestlé’s best practices is dubbed Global Business Excellence - GLOBE - and has proven to be effective in all Nestlé Markets, becoming Nestlé’s way to do business.

The Business Excellence Program which is being rolled out in two clusters will provide better business alignment across Equatorial African Region’s 8 Operating Concerns. The first cluster including the Nestlé Equatorial African Regional office based in Nairobi, Nestlé Kenya, Nestlé Mauritius, Nestlé Congo and Nestlé Zimbabwe went live yesterday. The second cluster, including Angola, Mozambique and Zambia will go live in the course of the year.

“The rapid growth rate of the EAR region in the last three years and the need to enhance management capacity have called for a change of our Enterprise Resource Planning  system that can support our ambitious future growth while streamlining our operational costs and hence the adoption of GLOBE,” said Pierre Trouilhat, Regional Director and CEO of Nestlé EAR.

Pierre Trouilhat also said that the new system will help the region align the business fully to the global Nestlé best practices while improving service delivery especially on efficiency and strengthening its competitive advantage.

“With the era of globalization, consumers want to experience the same standards of services and products regardless of where they are in the world and this motivated the region to adopt GLOBE to ensure that the company’s best practices are enjoyed by our customers, suppliers, partners and staff in the whole region,” said Pierre.

The system costs Nestlé Equatorial African Region USD 11 million to implement after an initial investment by Nestlé S.A. to customize the SAP to GLOBE, which was first launched in Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland and Chile in 2002. In the Equatorial Africa Region, this implementation involved the creation of several cross-functional teams across many countries that came together in Mauritius for one year to prepare for the go-live.

GLOBE Manager Jacques Keller said, “We have spent over 12 months analyzing our company’s ways of working, aligning them with to our global business excellence program and locking them into our system solution. 60 super users across the Equatorial African region underwent a rigid training program, and upon return to their home countries helped to prepare the country operatives to move to the new platform on 1st of January. This was a wonderful opportunity for them to be exposed to an international environment.”

The training in the global business excellence program also provides the EAR employees with the latest skills and knowledge in best practices and tools and is a significant investment to build their capabilities.

GLOBE Program is expected to improve our products’ freshness, by rendering supply chain process more efficient. By providing the company with real-time information, we are now able to accelerate our decision making process, and react more speedily to changing business conditions and consumer expectations.

 The improved efficiencies and processes offered by GLOBE will benefit the financial, human resources, customer relations and supply chain elements of the business.