MOÇA Sweet Business in Angola

To Press Releases listJun 24, 2015


On Friday, 5th June, Nestlé presented certificates to Doce Negócio course graduates. This took place in Dangereux district of Talatona, and attended by the General Manager of Nestlé Angola, Wilbart De Wit.

In June 2014, Nestlé Angola created the Doce Negócio program through their MOÇA brand as part of its Creating Shared Value principle, where Nestlé Angola aims to positively impact consumers by consistently engaging with consumers and in turn, enhancing the lives of the communities.


This project which last 2 weeks, is about providing professional pastry training courses in several neighbourhoods in Luanda. The courses are free and include several modules such as pastry, food safety and hygiene, nutrition and entrepreneurship.

The main objective of this program is to help the community develop technical capabilities and at the end of these courses, students are able to use their skills in the labour market and even build their own business, thus providing an improvement in their living conditions.


Last year, the success of the courses was very positive: Nestlé engaged with more than 8,000 people and about 400 people were able to create small successful businesses. For this reason, Nestlé wants to continue with this initiative and has already planned to open 1 more kitchen that will circulate around Angola provinces.


'Nestlé is concerned with the improvement of living conditions of Angolans. The Doce Negócio Project has benefited many in the society with tools that can enable them to slowly improve their quality of life. It is very gratifying and rewarding for us to see the joy and commitment of people who want to learn and use that learning for the benefit of their lives,' said General Manager, Wilbart de Wit.

About Nestlé

Nestlé is a Swiss multinational company existing for more than 140 years, a global leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness, and the world's largest producer in the food sector.

Nestlé Angola was established in 1955 and is wholly owned by the Nestlé Group. Nestlé Angola plays a strategic role as part of the Nestlé Equatorial African Region that covers 21 countries. With its headquarters in Talatona, a factory in Cacuaco - Kaluanda (TOFA) and a distribution centre in Viana, Nestlé Angola has always worked to provide affordable products to consumers in Angola. Some of the products produced at the factory include: NIDO, MOCA and NESCAFE.

Nestlé engages with communities through its Creating Shared Value Initiative, where the Company believes that in order for a business to prosper over the long term, the communities it serves must also prosper. The focus areas for Nestlé’s Creating Shared Value initiative are nutrition, water and rural development.