Alleged Recall of Banana Baby Food

To Press Releases listAug 12, 2016

We have been informed of an erroneous message circulating via social media platforms about a recall of Nestlé banana baby food product.

Please note that Nestlé has NOT issued a recall of BANANA BABY FOOD or any other product. Furthermore, Nestlé does not package any of its baby food products in glass packaging in the Nestlé Equatorial African Region.

This is an erroneous message that has been circulating on and off since 2011, following a precautionary recall in France that year of one batch of a specific product. Since then, the message keeps resurfacing, with variances in the message about the brand name and the expiry date.

Our products are safe for consumption and the quality and safety of our products are our top priority.

Please contact our Consumer Services team in your country and they will be more than happy to answer any of your enquiries.

Thank you.