The water project in Tanzania was initiated in Davos between the President of Tanzania and the members of the 2030 Water Resources Group (WRG) in 2013. The WRG is an institution that builds partnerships at the global, national and state levels to recognize the critical challenges posed by water and the value of private-sector involvement in addressing it. Nestlé is one of the founder members of the Water Resources Group, which is chaired by Nestle Chairman Mr. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe.

Nestlé’s partnership with WRG is therefore an effective way to jointly address the risk of water scarcity and opportunities to enable us to find solutions to water challenges in our region.

In Tanzania, several working groups comprising of the private and the public sector have been created to this effect. These working groups arethewater use efficiency group, thewater source protection group and the water security group. The groups were identified last year in November during the kick-off workshopofficially establishing the partnership and reinforcing the commitment of the government to collaborate with the 2030 WRG in the path to secure water resource management in Tanzania.

A work program and governance framework of the 2030 WRG partnership in Tanzania was developed and presented in a 2nd workshop on February 19, 2014, where our Region Head, Ian Donald, participated as one of the delegates. The delegates received initial findingsfrom experts on the water resource situation in Tanzania to establish a baseline before next steps in prioritization of actions. This initiative will therefore play a vital role as the recommendations will be shared with key actors within and outside of national governments and enable key solutions agreed upon to be implemented.