Supplier Engagement

Our commitment: Engage with suppliers, especially those in agriculture


Our greatest opportunity for reducing water use lies in addressing the impacts of our agricultural supply chains. Real improvements in water use and savings can be made by introducing better agricultural techniques at farm level.

Our progress to date

We prioritise training farmers on water use, water quality and soil moisture. Our R&D teams support the selection and propagation of drought-resistant cocoa and coffee trees. Through the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative at Nestlé (SAIN), we hold regional workshops for farmers on key water-management challenges, including drought and flooding resilience, wastewater and organic waste treatment, and farm intensification methods. We are in the process of implementing water‑management action plans for coffee, sugar, dairy, rice and cereals in water‑stressed areas.

Our objective towards 2020

By 2020: Implement all action plans defined for improved water management in our upstream supply chain for coffee, sugar, dairy and cereals in high-priority locations.

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