St. Bakhita Primary, Kenya

St. Bakhita Primary, Kenya
School girls break for lunch. A simple meal, but they are grateful to have it

Nestlé Kenya currently has 50 primary schools in its Healthy Kids Program. Majority of the schools are in the lower middle economic status. However, one of them St. Bakhita Primary is a particularly disadvantaged school where the pupils come from nearby slums. Majority of the children’s parents do not have a stable source of income, and some do not bother to send their children to school. A significant number of the children get enrolled into St Bakhita thanks to social workers going into the slums to persuade parents to send their children to school.

St. Bakhita Primary, Kenya
The Classrooms at St. Bakhita Primary School

St Bakhita was started by Catholic Sisters of Mercy and thereafter taken up by the City Council.

The school is under a feeding program, but the meal is a very basic offering of maize and wheat grains, with no vegetables supplement. Notwithstanding, this very humble food offering is a godsend for the children, because for some, this is the only meal they get to eat.

Nestlé Kenya therefore took a step further beyond providing nutrition education class materials and decided to support the school to plant a vegetable garden to help supplement the daily grain menu.

St. Bakhita Primary, Kenya
Celebration. It’s time for a balanced meal, at last!

The school kids enthusiastically witnessed and participated in preparing the garden nursery. In a few weeks’ time, thanks to some good rain, the school had a first harvest of bountiful vegetables.

Nestlé Kenya will deliver a water tank shortly to the school to ensure the vegetable garden thrives both during the rainy and the dry season.

Despite their difficult circumstances, the young pupils of St. Bakhita still have a happy face. Now, Nestlé has given then a definite reason to smile.