Using natural ingredients

Our commitment: Simplify our ingredients list and remove artificial colours

New generations of consumers are increasingly seeking reassurance about the composition of the food they buy, and new health trends have reinforced the demand for transparency, authenticity and higher value ingredients.

Our progress to date

To meet new consumer expectations regarding our foods and beverages, we have been transforming our portfolio through our ‘Kitchen Cupboard’ approach, which focuses on using familiar and recognisable natural ingredients, such as vegetables, spices, herbs and flours. ‘Kitchen Cupboard’ also seeks to simplify ingredient lists, increase the vegetable and whole grain content, and reduce the salt and sugar in our foods and beverages.

We are complementing this approach by accelerating the removal of artificial additives, flavours and colours, and by providing transparent, easy‑to‑read information about their use.

Our objectives towards 2020

By 2020: Remove all artificial colours from our products.

By 2020: Continue removing unfamiliar ingredients.

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