Nutritious products for children

Our commitment: Launch more nutritious foods and beverages, especially for mothers-to-be, new mothers and children


Good nutrition plays a role in the lives of people, beginning from conception, so it is important that individuals and families have tasty and healthy options to help them get more of the nutrients often missing from their diet.

Our progress to date

We seek to continually improve our foods and beverages for children by assessing them against the Nestlé Nutritional Profiling System (NNPS) criteria to determine their Nutritional Foundation (NF) status. A food or beverage must meet all the criteria to attain NF status, meaning that we consider it appropriate for consumers as part of a balanced diet.

Children’s food and beverages that meet Nestlé Nutritional Foundation criteria (%)


Ensuring our products are both nutritious and tasty can be challenging, and yet, through tailored innovations, careful monitoring and action plans, 95% of our foods and beverages for children met all the NNPS criteria, and therefore reached NF status, by the end of 2016. These included our Popularly Positioned Products (PPPs), which use appropriate serving sizes, packaging and distribution channels to enable those on lower incomes to consume high-quality, nutritious foods and beverages.

Our objective towards 2020

By 2020: In both developed and developing countries, design and launch foods and beverages that address the daily nutritional needs and key nutritional gaps of infants, children up to age 12, new mothers and mothers-to-be.

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