Healthy cooking, eating and lifestyles

Our commitment: Leverage our marketing efforts to promote healthy cooking, eating and lifestyles


Our progress to date

The belief that lies behind our Maggi brand is that good eating habits start in the kitchen. In 2016, we continued to promote home cooking and healthy meals with vegetables through 84% of our Maggi portfolio. 

Maggi product portfolio worldwide that promotes home cooking and meals with vegetables (%)


The Maggi Cooking Lesson Programme encourages children and parents to get involved in home cooking and helps consumers craft delicious, well-balanced meals. The initiative comprises cooking lessons for adults, teenagers and children, as well as menu ideas, recipes and practical cooking tips. During 2016, we extended the global reach of the programme to 35 countries. 

We also use our marketing reach to promote healthy, active lifestyles. Through brand commitments in Africa, Oceania and Asia, Milo sports programmes reached 22 million children in 2016 through grassroots sports initiatives, in partnerships with governments and sporting organisations. Milo has also launched a new activity tracker and app in Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia, helping parents to ensure their children are being physically active.

Our objective towards 2020

By 2020: Double the outreach of our efforts to promote healthy cooking and eating, and healthy lifestyles for individuals, families and their pets.

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