Our commitment: Provide training on Corporate Business Principles, Nutrition and Environmental Sustainability


We offer training designed to help our employees adopt healthy, balanced diets, develop their careers, contribute to our environmental objectives and achieve our business goals. Training on the Nestlé Corporate Business Principles also provides our people with increased appreciation of the Nestlé Business Model.

Our objectives in 2016

By 2016: We will embed Nutrition Quotient (NQ) training into the new employee orientation programme at all our work sites.

By 2016: Environmental Awareness training will be run in all countries.

Our progress to date

We have made progress towards embedding NQ Foundation Module into the new employee orientation programme in 92% of our markets as of end 2016, and with the remaining markets confirming implementation by end Q1 2017.

Environmental awareness training was conducted in 95% of the countries where we operate. A total of 5611 employees successfully completed our e-learning course, and we held Environmental Sustainability Leadership workshops in Guatemala, the Middle East, Nicaragua, Panama, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand.

Our objectives towards 2020

By 2017: Nestlé Corporate Business Principles are fully embedded in all courses at our international training centre and e-learning made available to all employees.

By 2020: Run environmental sustainability training in all countries and continue to strengthen environmental awareness among employees.