The Nescafé Plan


Nestlé has been buying coffee from Kenya for over 40 years for our Nescafé, Dolce Gusto, Zoégas and Nespresso brands. We view farmers as crucial partners in the value chain from farm to the cup.

Nestlé launched the Nescafé Plan in Kenya in 2011 with Coffee Management Services Ltd. (CMS) as the implementing partner to:

  • empower farmers with training and technical assistance to improve their yield and quality,
  • facilitate access to high quality diseases resistant coffee plantlets through establishment of nurseries, and
  • empower women and youth to be involved in coffee farming and management

The programme has benefited over 42,000 farmers, assisting them to become more self-sufficient and more successful in their holistic farming practices, by:

  • enlightening farmers on Good Agricultural Practices / Good Processing Practices including certification and 4C (Common Code for Coffee Community) verification
  • paying premium for the coffee we buy; a portion of which goes into social activity implementation.
  • seeking to improve the living standards of coffee farmers; increase the quality and quantity of the coffee they produce; ensure 4C verification; promote the responsible farming production, supply and consumption of coffee; and empower women and young people to become leaders in the coffee sector.