Healthy Workplaces

Our commitment: Advocate for healthy workplaces and healthier employees


Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future begins with the safety and health of our people. We want our employees to make more informed decisions about their own health. Our passion for nutrition, health and wellness is one of the strategic priorities of our Safety and Health Roadmap 2016–18 and a way of bringing the Nestlé Framework for Employee Health to life.

Our progress to date

We have always been committed to employee health and wellbeing, and building on it further we have decided to articulate our long-term objective through a public commitment. In 2016, we explored options for assessing health risks among our employees and evaluated effective implementation approaches.

We aim to engage our people in learning more about this area, enabling them to use this learning to improve their own diets, health and well-being. Communications, campaigns and events will promote the benefits of healthier lifestyles and provide more information about the foods people eat, the effects of exercise, and practices proven to boost well-being. We will also be monitoring key indicators, and developing a methodology that will enable us to report future progress towards our objectives.

A Global Sharing Platform has also been launched, with the objective of supporting the markets. It will provide education about health and wellness initiatives, strengthening markets’ connections with the Framework for Employee Health, and establishing a ‘friends helping friends’ solution for Nestlé in the markets.

Our objective towards 2020

By 2020: Offer our employees education, early screening and programmes that support healthier lifestyle choices.