Ethical Conduct

Our commitment: Enhance a culture of integrity across the organization


Nestlé is firmly opposed to bribery and corruption and we will not tolerate these practices in our operations. Our stance on these issues is clearly set out in our Code of Business Conduct. Our Anti-Corruption Programme is being rolled out to all markets and businesses, and a compliance e-learning course ensures employees understand what is expected of them.

This commitment replaces and strengthens our previous commitment to work against bribery and corruption.

Our objective in 2016

By 2016: Adoption of local Anti‑Corruption Policy implementation procedures in those markets and businesses where there is a need for further reinforcement.

Our progress to date

In 2016, we focused on developing anti‑corruption policies in our markets to ensure corporate initiatives work locally. All markets were asked to review their existing policies and strengthen them where required. By the end of 2016, 33 markets had identified a need to enhance their policies and put stronger guidelines in place, ensuring our objective would be met.

Training is offered to employees who work in markets or roles where there is an exposure to risk or such training is deemed necessary. In 2016, 36 524 employees were trained in anti-corruption issues.

Our CARE programme uses independent assessments to measure compliance with human rights and labour practices, business integrity, safety and health, environmental sustainability and security. In 2016, we carried out 235 CARE audits, which identified 130 gaps requiring action. Of these, 60 have been remedied with the remainder in the process of being addressed.

Our objectives towards 2020

By 2017: Employees with computers completing the compliance e‑learning process started in 2015. Markets confirming that key corporate compliance practices are in place and improvement areas defined.

By 2018: Markets launching a compliance communication plan further reinforcing tone at the top and speaking up. CARE audit enhanced on human rights and schedules defined for Nestlé sites with the new protocol.

By 2019: Markets reinforcing compliance as a leadership responsibility based on corporate tool kit for training managers on business integrity.

By 2020: A proactive review is conducted for our compliance activities and policies in light of our evolving product portfolio.

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