Recruitment Process

Our People


Nestlé people are honest, creative, open/transparent and proactive and result oriented. We work together in a culture of support and mutual benefit that encompasses every one of our customers, consumers and community members. The Nestlé family wishes to change the world and make a difference, as well as gaining the critical commercial advantage.

At Nestlé, we value teamwork and unity, which along with the talents of the individuals make us all winners. We're also known for hiring people with real talents, the type that translates to achievement of tangible results.


Nestlé is the world's largest food and beverage company. We aim to be more than that. Our goal is to be the leading Nutrition, Health & Wellness Company in the Equatorial African Region. To achieve this, we must strive to give our brands a competitive advantage by making them nutritionally superior to the competitors’ products.

The goal can be achieved through constantly challenging the status quo and venturing into new ideas. We believe in the potential of our people and in the power of teamwork, passion and a total alignment with our overall vision.


Recruitment within the Equatorial African Region is made through established procedures on manpower planning.

This should attract personnel of high calibre and of the required potential necessary to achieve present and future objectives.



Selection is made on the basis of merit in view of the job requirements and on a salary which is competitive and in line with the compensation structure of the Company.

Any person employed by the Company must have completed the Nestlé Equatorial African Region Employment Application Form, which can be obtained from the HR department in your local Nestlé Office.

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