Career Paths and Development

Career Paths

At Nestlé Equatorial African Region, we give our employees a chance to put their best foot forward and help them enhance their talents and capabilities to the fullest. We strive at engaging a motivated workforce who is driven by results. Nestlé avails to its employee opportunities to explore different career paths.

Career Development

Our business can only grow if our people do. That's why continued professional development plays a vital part in your Nestlé EAR career. We have developed ways to ensure this happens in a fair and transparent manner; we will help you identify the best direction to apply your talents, articulate your ambitions and develop your career through a series of year-end appraisals, mid-year reviews of your performance and potential; plan appropriate development actions and construct individually-tailored career and development plans that suit your unique strengths.

From experience we have learnt that the most valuable career development opportunities occur in the job. We therefore provide our employees with appropriate directions in their pursuit for career development. Whatever you choose to specialize in, one thing's for sure: if you want to learn more, achieve more and do more, Nestlé is the perfect place for you. All you have to do is take the responsibility for turning your career into the one you've always dreamt of.

Nestlé Equatorial African Region functions and businesses are regularly reviewed in order to build succession plans for the critical roles. When we realize that you have what it takes to be one of our future business leaders, we make that happen through our Management Development Programs.

However, it's not all down to us. The best thing about Nestlé EAR is that we give you all the information and support you in every way. Our advice might, for example, inspire you to broaden your horizons within your current role, business unit or location. This being a regional business, your career could have a real international edge, thanks to a broad selection of international projects, secondments and placements.

Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced candidate, you will quickly notice that our commitment to accelerating success and building a strong team will equip you with the necessary resources that create and promote a career you have always dreamt of, within a climate of equal opportunity and transparency. Where and how far do you wish to progress with your career?