Energy to further Everyday

The combination of milk, malt and cocoa found in Milo will give you the energy to get the best out of your day. The tasty and nutritious Milo can be made with hot or cold milk or water.

It offers essential vitamins and minerals to meet the nutrition and energy demands of young bodies and minds.

MILO contains Actigen – E a combination of 8 Vitamins and 4 minerals with enriched levels of Vitamin B,

MILO with Activ-Go has Vitamins and Minerals to help release energy for  physical and mental activities.

The essential vitamins and minerals in MILO include:

  • Calcium for strong teeth and bones
  • Iron to carry oxygen to the body’s cells
  • Vitamin A for healthy eye sight
  • Vitamins B1 and B2 to help release energy from foods
  • Vitamin C to keep skin and gums in good shape