Have a break, have a KITKAT®

KITKAT®’s delicious taste, freshness and light wafer texture makes it not only a perfect snack to enjoy as part of a balanced diet, but also the favourite treat for chocolate lovers. As one of the most loved chocolate brands, KITKAT® is a consumers’ delight all over the world. KITKAT® tastes great day-in, day-out and everyone who appreciates life’s simple pleasures loudly and fondly speaks of KITKAT®.

KITKAT® bars offer a lighter alternative to many other chocolate tablets making it one of the world's best selling chocolate brands. There are many exotic KITKAT® flavours in over 70 countries around the world, depending on local tastes, with over 150 KITKAT® bars consumed worldwide every second!

KITKAT® consists of three layers of cream-filled wafer covered in smooth milk chocolate that form “fingers”. Each finger can be broken off from the bar and consumed one at a time. Since the beginning, KITKAT® has been synonymous with having a “break” and the brand's trademarked tagline “Have a break, have a KITKAT®” has come to represent much more than just the physical “snap” of the wafer fingers!