8th March 2013

Mzilikazi win Nestlé event

MZILIKAZI District were the winners of the National Association of Primary School Heads (Naph) Nestlé Zimbabwe-sponsored competitions held at the National University of Science and Technology on 8th March 2013.

The competitions started with field and physical education events at White City Stadium on Thursday and finished yesterday with track events.

Mzilikazi scooped gold after grabbing 47 medals with 21 gold, 16 silver and 10 bronze, walking away with a shield and prize money.

Khami District collected silver after garnering 16 gold, 10 silver and 14 bronze bringing their total to 40.

On third position was Reigate with 13 gold, 12 silver and 10 bronze to make it 35.

Khami and Reigate, last year’s winners, received a shield for coming second and third respectively as well as prize money.

Bulawayo Central were fourth with 28 medals while Mbizo District came fifth with 24 medals.

Mzilikazi got their gold from Princess Moyo who clocked 13,70 seconds in the Under-13 girls 100m sprints, four seconds faster than Imbizo’s Shamiso Marada.

Mthabisi Dube won bronze in the Under 13 boys 100m sprint in 12,50 seconds with Reigate getting silver in 12.94 seconds from Christopher Mushaningu.

Karaso Lesibane grabbed gold for Mzilikazi in the Under-14 girls 100m dash in 12,91 seconds while Khami’s Sisasenkosi Mwale was second in 13,30 seconds.

Lesibane was back again winning another gold in the Under-14 200m sprint in 27,06 seconds while Nomthandazo Nsingo from Imbizo got silver in 28,06 seconds.

Tatenda Ndlovu (Mzilikazi) finished the Under-12 girls 400m in one minute 09,72 seconds with Lisa Kamanga (Bulawayo Central) claiming second spot on one minute10.01 seconds.

Khami won gold in the Under-12 girls 100m dash from Mitchel Nyamanjiwa in 13,70 seconds while Nozinhle Ndlovu (Reigate) was second in 13,74 seconds.

Khami collected gold in the Under-14 boys 100m race after Derrick Mlalazi recorded 12,83 seconds with Alister Chinyama (Bulawayo Central) second in 12,89 seconds.

Reigate dominated the relay races despite coming third in the competition.

They grabbed gold in the Under-12 girls in the 4 x 200m race in two minutes 01,40 seconds (girls) and clocked one minute 55,10 seconds in the same race to win the boys category.

The competition was also used to select the athletes to represent the province in the national finals set for Harare on March 18 and 19.

Visit by the Japanese businessdelegates to the Nestlé Zimbabwe Factory

On 24th of August 2012 Nestlé Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd hosted 40 Japanese delegates who came for an investment tour around the factory.  The team was comprised of investors and government officials especially from the ministry of foreign affairs.  This was an investment scouting visit with an intention to look for investment and trade opportunities in Zimbabwe.

The country’s investment climate continues to attract potentialinvestors from across the globe to different business sectors ranging fromagriculture, manufacturing and to the financial services sector.

There are several delegates visiting Zimbabwe since the begging of this year and the visit to Nestlé Zimbabwe by Japanese delegates shows how foreign investors are interested in investing in the country dues to the favourable investment opportunities.

The Japanese delegates were impressed by the factory’s international hygiene standards and the best practices in place. They praised employees on their knowledge and expertise in their area of work and specialization.

Trade between Zimbabwe and Japan has increased by 18.7% to US$89 million due to an increase in demand for local agro-based and mineral commodities by the Asian country.  In the first half of this year, the Zimbabwe Investment Authority approved 39 investment proposals worth US$152 million coming from China,India and South Africa.

The Country Manager, Mr. Kumbirayi Katsande shared with the delegates the  Nestlé Creating shared values and the on-going CSV projects in Zimbabwe like the dairy empowerment scheme with  farmers, nutrition gardens dubbed “goodness in my garden” , the rural school and orphanage sponsorships.

In their conclusion, the delegates were assured of their comfort in investing in Zimbabwe since Nestlé is already comfortable in doing business in the country. They were impressed by the wide range of products we produce and sell in the local market and for export.