Nestlé in partnership with Ministry of Education launch school nutrition education program in Angola

November 27, 2012

Healthy Kids Programme  to target 3000 children in pilot phase.


Nestlé Angola signed a protocol of understanding with the Ministry of Education establishing a unique nutrition education program for a period of four years aimed at improving the nutrition knowledge and promoting healthy lifestyles among school children aged 6-12 years, through the teaching of healthy eating, encouraging physical activity and other key health measures such as hygiene.

Nestlé has been concerned with the large scale and increasing global health and development burden posed by non-infectious diseases. In Angola, 11.53 percent of the population is predicted to be inflicted by obesity by 2030 and 27.52 per cent of the population will be malnourished by 2030. The objective of the Healthy Kids program is to raise nutrition, health and wellness awareness of school-age children.

The Protocol was signed by MrPinda Simão Minister of Education of Angola and Wilbart De Wit, Managing Director of Nestlé Angola, in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Health of Angola and the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture as well as representatives of different departments of the Ministry of Education and various organs of the government of Angola.

The Healthy Kids program in Angola will be for four years (2012-2015) and the program will promote a better understanding of the variety of food available in the environment and localities where the children live and encourage adoption of healthier eating habits. In addition the program will also promote importance of a healthy diet combined with physical activity as well as of other important measures such as hygiene and care of the environment, contributing to a healthier life to the our children in primary schools.

Elaborating on the project,Wilbart De Wit said, “Healthy Kids is a global initiative, and by the end of 2011, there were 65 programmes operating in 60 countries and another 21 are in the pipeline for 2012 to 2014. Nestlé reached more than six million children across the globe. In Angola our program will be tailor made to address our local need, hence at the first instance we the pilot study will be conducted in two provinces of Angola, (Luanda and Huambo) and the objective will be to reach about 3000 children’s in the first phase.”

The program intends to partner with specialists/experts from Ministry of Education, Health, Agriculture and collaborate with nutritionists to prepare a manual that will be incorporated into the curriculum for primary schools at a later stage.

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