The world’s first ever KitKat boutique opens in Japan

17th January 2013 – One of Nestlé’s ‘billionaire’ brands, KitKat, is launching its first boutique, in Japan.

The KitKat “Chocolatory” store will be located within the Seibu department store in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district and will stock exclusive varieties of the chocolate bar created in collaboration with Japanese chocolatier Takagi.

The three special varieties created by Takagi are Sublime Bitter, Special Sakura Green Tea and Special Chilli.

“KitKat is close to being a cult product in Japan, and it is a very special market for us,” said KitKat’s Global Brand Manager, Stewart Dryburgh.

“I’m thrilled that this shop will allow us to showcase new KitKat premium products.”

Experimental tastes

Globally, 650 KitKat fingers are consumed every second worldwide and, in Japan, the brand has been the country’s favourite chocolate since 2012.

Its success has been fuelled by the launch of hundreds of unusual and innovative special edition flavours to meet Japanese consumers’ experimental tastes and sense of style.

KitKat fans in Japan have been able to choose from varieties including Purple Potato, Cinnamon Cookie, European Cheese, Bean Cake and Wasabi - unwrapping sticks of pale green, delicate pink and lilac chocolate that look and taste very different from those anywhere else in the world.

These special varieties are available only in certain regions of Japan, using ingredients and flavours linked to the local area. KitKat Kobe Pudding, for example, has a creamy custard pudding flavour, with a hint of citrus and is only available in Kobe.


Only in Japan
Roasted Tea
Strawberry Cheesecake
Rum Raisin
Green Tea
Mandarin and Lemon
Azuki Red Bean Toast

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