Nestlé joins recycling network to combat waste in Chile

Nestlé is helping to reduce waste and boost responsible disposal in Chile by supporting a new recycling network.

The company has backed the ‘Collective Recycling Project’, which aims to recycle about 1,200 tonnes of waste per year through the installation of five recycling centres in the capital of Santiago.

Nestlé signed a partnership with Walmart Chile, Coca-Cola Chile, PepsiCo, and Unilever, in a joint collaboration to improve waste management in the country.

Reducing waste

The new sites, managed by Triciclos, an organisation specialised in recycling and sustainable consumption, are providing consumers with an easy and efficient way to recycle their household waste.

Each centre can recycle about 20 different types of materials such as glass, PET plastic, aluminium, paper, cardboard and clothes - avoiding further waste to landfill.

In turn, companies will be provided with useful energy recovery data on each type of waste.

Nestlé can use this information to redesign its product packaging to reduce waste and improve the environmental performance of its products.

The company’s latest environmental sustainability pledge is part of its commitment to eliminate waste at every level of its operations.

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