Nespresso Boutique at Bagatelle

Grand opening of Nespresso Boutique at Bagatelle


Nespresso, the global pioneer of premium coffee within the Nestlé Group, has now opened a new boutique at the Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius. After the launch last year of the e-commerce site, the opening of the new boutique marked Nespresso’s permanent presence in the country. The boutique is operational since the 15th April, and the official opening was held on Thursday 16th May in the distinguished presence of Pierre Debayle, Country Business Manager – Nespresso for the Nestlé Middle East FZE, Frederik Nilsson, Business Development Manager – Nespresso, Anthony R. Coombes and Matthew Taylor, respective Executive Director and CEO at Scott, the Nespresso distributors in Mauritius.


The new venture will give to Mauritians the opportunity to live a new experience with the finest choice of coffee. “This boutique brings a new concept to our Mauritian consumers. It offers a new shopping experience, pleasurable and relaxing, through a wide range of coffee machines and coffee varieties introduced. Coffee lovers will be pampered with the opportunity to relish the world renowned coffee Nespresso in their homes” added Matthew Taylor.


Present in one of the most visited shopping malls of the country, the new Nespresso boutique marks its presence amongst other world renowned luxury shops. The store with a modern concept offers a wide range of coffee flavours; sixteen varieties are available for sale. The essence of the boutique is to make Mauritians discover varieties of coffee through the Nespresso experience. The boutique proposes a customized service to clients with specific requests as well as personalized assistance to new clients. A gallery of coffee machines and a wide variety of coffee cups and accessories are on sale. While placing orders from the e-commerce website, the store also provides free of charge delivery throughout the island. 


The store is open from Monday to Thursday as from 9h30 till 20h30; Fridays and Saturdays from 9h30 till 22h00 and from 9h30 till 15h00 on Sundays.