Nestlé supports flood aid effort in Mozambique.

February 7 2013

Nestlé is working with the International Red Cross in Mozambique to help more than 200,000 families affected by floods in the country.

The company is donating over 450,000 litres of bottled water and more than 10 tonnes of Nido fortified milk powder to people in the region.

Severe floods recently hit South and Central Mozambique as a result of torrential rain in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

In the Mozambique capital of Maputo, several bridges, roads and schools have been seriously damaged.

Distribution of supplies

Diogo Victoria, Managing Director of Nestlé Mozambique, will present supplies to the Red Cross in the cities of Xai-Xai and Quelimane, at an official event.

Nestlé trucks will transport the bottled water to areas in Gaza province, while the milk powder supplies will be distributed to people in Zambezia province.

Basic food kits including water, rice, maize flour, oil, sugar and soap will also be provided.

Personal donations

Nestlé employees in Mozambique will also be donating clothing, shoes and school material to the International Red Cross in the country.

The employees have not been directly affected by the floods.

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