What have our 2014 Nestlé Creating Shared Value Prize Winners been up to?

Jun 25, 2015

Every two years, our company awards the Nestlé CSV Prize to help scale up or replicate business-oriented initiatives that address challenges in nutrition, water or rural development. The winner is determined by the Nestlé CSV Council, after receiving a shortlist of finalists from the Screening Committee.

Honey Care Africa from South Sudan, MSABI from Tanzania and Sanergy from Kenya were rewarded by Nestlé in October 2014 for their projects that have demonstrated high social and environmental impact but need some support to become commercially viable. The winners shared a total of CHF 500,000.

Since being awarded the prize monies, the three organisations have made great progress with their projects and have continued to have a positive impact on the community.

Honey Care Africa (HCA) is on course to reach an estimated 35,000 farmers in Central, western and Eastern Equatoria States hence impact more than 200,000 lives.  HCA bought and exported over 30MT of honey in 2014. They are on track to double the amount of honey they buy and export in 2015. HCA provides a guaranteed market for all quality honey produced.

MSABI’s effort to address problems of water point sustainability in Tanzania has been greatly boosted by the prize money from Nestlé. Drilling has commenced to create 50 new water points to benefit communities and schools along the Kilombero Valley. There is a huge demand by the local community for the services provided by MSABI. The water points provide a source of income for the water point owners. The project is targeting to reach over 40,000 beneficiaries who will have access to clean water and sanitation

Sanergy aims to make sanitation affordable and accessible throughout Africa’s informal settlements by manufacturing low-cost high quality sanitation facilities locally then franchising the facilities to local residents. With the objective of developing  the requisite infrastructure (manufacturing, waste collection, waste processing) to operate and maintain Fresh Life Toilets;  Sanergy will in 2015 launch an additional 279 Fresh Life Facilities that will provide access to hygienic sanitation for approximately 80,000 residents of urban slums. With the funding from Nestlé, Sanergy will also be able to improve logistics and efficiency in the conversion of waste into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. Sanergy targets to reach over 500,000 residents of informal settlements across Africa.

Part of our commitment to the prize winners is to provide them with visibility for their projects. HCA hosted a crew from Citizen TV to showcase their project.

Sanergy has featured in local newspapers and has had an opportunity to engage with our Nescafé Plan partners for discussions on opportunities to work together. The prize winners are also engaging with the regional management on capacity building for their teams.