Senators from D.R. Congo visit Nestlé Research Center

May 8, 2014

On Thursday, May 8, 2014, Nestlé Research Center, in Switzerland, received a delegation of senators from the Republic Democratic of Congo. They included Senator Jean Pierre Nenyengwe, Senator Thomas Betyna Ngilase, Senator Théodor Yamungu Kisima Mango and Senator Jerome Mukalay Ilunga Ngoy.

In view of the upcoming bill on metrology and normalization, the delegation contacted Nestlé Congo SPRL to request an informative tour of company’s premises in Switzerland. In effect, as it was mandated by the Senate, the concerned party was to go on a research mission in Europe to analyze and integrate foreign expertise in the area.

The delegation was impressed by NRC facilities (CDU and microbiology P2 labs) and Nestlé’s investment in Science. The delegation received presentations from Alexandre Voirin and also John O’Brien, who focused on micronutrient fortification, quality and food safety while Dr. Khoodoo addressed the questions on the standards (Codex, AOAC, ISO) in each of these sessions.

Without a doubt, this visit was very much beneficial to all parties involved.