Nestlé endorses Caring for Climate at UN summit

Sep 23, 2014

Nestlé has announced its endorsementof Caring for Climate, the world’s largest coalition on climate issues, as partof the company’s long standing efforts to further provide climate change leadership.

Speaking at the UnitedNations (UN) Climate Summit in New York, José Lopez, Nestlé Executive VicePresident and Head of Operations, said the company would back related initiativesof other leading international organisations, such as the CDP, given the need ofaddressing the climate change issue.

“The Caring for Climate initiativeis fully aligned with our own explicit commitments, which reflect our respectfor society in which we operate, respect for the environment, respect for thefuture generations” said Mr. Lopez.

“Climate change must beaddressed through mutually beneficial collaboration and multi-stakeholderchannels to be effective ultimately,” he said.

Caringfor Climate

Caring for Climate is led by the UNGlobal Compact, the UN Environment Programme and the UN Framework Convention onClimate Change. Nestlé partners with a variety of UN agencies, academia andNGOs (non-governmental organisations), including the UN Global Compact andRainforest Alliance, to address the range of complex climate, environmental andsocial issues that Nestlé and the world faces.

Caring for Climatecommitments include continuously improving the efficiency of energy use andreducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of products, services andprocesses.

As the world’s biggestfood and beverage company, Nestlé is directly impacted by the effects ofclimate change and that is why the company has for several years takenmeaningful GHG emissions reduction and climate change adaptation actions, likeusing renewable energy and improving energy efficiency in its operations.

Through such actions and thecompany’s work with suppliers, farmers and consumers to encourage resourceefficiency, responsible product sourcing and environmental stewardship, Nestlé hasbeen recognized over the years as an industry leader by a variety oforganizations and NGOs, such as Oxfam and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Other climate action initiatives

Nestlé has backed the NewYork Declaration on Forests, whose vision of halting and reversing the loss offorests. This is aligned with Nestlé pledge to help achieve zero netdeforestation by 2020.

The company is alsosupporting major initiatives from other leading international organisations: the six climate actioninitiatives of CDP and theTrillion Tonne Communiqué of the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group.

The CDP aims, among otherkey goals, to remove commodity-driven deforestation from all supply chains by2020 and to encourage responsible corporate engagement in climate policy.

Nestlé has reduced theGHG emitted in the manufacturing of one kilogramme of products by half comparedto 10 years ago. By 2015, Nestlé expects to reduce direct GHG emissions pertonne of product by 35% compared with 2005, leading to an absolute reduction inGHG emissions.

Environmentalsustainability is a major theme of Nestlé’sannual Creating Shared Value Forum, held on 9 October in Switzerland. Theforum is an annual gathering of representatives from non-governmental organisations,industry and higher education where best practices around the concept of how tocreate shared value are shared and discussed.