Nestlé Zimbabwe launches Healthy Kids Nutrition Kids Book

Feb 18, 2015

Kids Book

Nestlé Zimbabwe is indeed leading by example as the leading company in Nutrition Health and Wellness. On Wednesday, 18 February 2015 it launched the Healthy Kids Nutrition Book. The launch was held at Cresta Jameson Hotel in Harare. Over 80 guests attended the event.

Nestlé was given due recognition at the function graced by Honourable Doctor Lazarus Dokora, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Professor Mavhima, Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Doctor S.J UteteMasango, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Mr Kateera, Harare Provincial Education Director, National Association of Primary Heads(NAPH) Executives from all the 10 provinces in Zimbabwe and Journalists from Zimbabwe’s top media houses.

Nestlé Healthy Kids Nutrition book is designed to supplement the school syllabus taught in Primary schools and reinforce the level of understanding around balanced nutrition and physical activity in order to live a healthier lifestyle .Nestlé South Cluster Manager ,Mr Ndiaye during the breakfast launch of the Healthy Kids Nutrition Book said that HKP Programme will go an extra mile by integrating physical and nutrition education through the launch of the Healthy Kids story book entitled “Eat well ,Play well and Grow well”.

To officiate the book was Honourable Doctor Dokora,Minister of Primary and Secondary Education.He praised Nestlé Zimbabwe for coming up with the first publication which narrates the subject of nutrition in a storyline and will certainly capture the attention of readers at Infant and Junior levels of Education. Minister of Primary and Secondary Education sincerely appreciated their partnership with Nestlé Zimbabwe and acknowledged the sponsorship of NAPH in promoting primary school Athletics and Physical Education. He described the partnership between Nestlé Zimbabwe and the ministry as the right way to go in the spirit of ZIMASSET(Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation).

Minister Dokora urged other private sectors to emulate the gesture displayed by Nestlé Zimbabwe. However, Minister Dokora advised Nestlé Zimbabwe that the book be made available as soft copy.

Kids Book

From right: Mr Kateera, Harare Provincial Education Director, Proff Mavhima, S.J Utete Masango, Ben Ndiaye, Hon Doctor Dokora and Brenda Darare (CCPA Intern) soon after the officialbook launch by Honourable Doctor Dokora.

Kids Book

Some of the guests who attended the event