Nestlé Mozambique introduces product sampling to journalists

Aug 12, 2014

In order to provide journalists with a wider knowledge of Nestlé and its brands, Nestlé Mozambique launched a campaign called “wakeup call” in all newsrooms of Maputo city on Tuesday, August 12.

This campaign, which comprises of product sampling, will cover television, radio and newspaper media, namely, TIM, Savana, Radio Indico, Diário de Moçambique, TV Miramar and Soico Television.

This campaign will run for three consecutive days of the week, in two different newsrooms every week, from 6:30am to 7:45am, to allow all journalists to be covered.

In the third and final day of the visit, Nestlé Country Manager, Diogo Victoria, will visit and talk about the company, the brands and our current activities, but with more emphasis to the brand that is being offered on that specific day.

After finishing with the sampling of Ricoffy® 3in1, it will be MILO®’s turn, where the journalists will enjoy a sampling of this tasty energetic drink before going to the market to gather news information for the day.