Nestlé Mozambique educates teachers on the Healthy Kids Manual

Jun 28, 2014

As part of the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme, Nestlé Mozambique in partnership with the Ministry of Education produced a manual based on nutrition, health and wellness (NHW) for Primary Schools.

For its effective use and implementation in the schools, Nestlé Mozambique embarked on a Train the Trainer process where a select number of teachers were trained last week from 23rd to 27th June.

The teachers participated in an intense training on how to use the manual and will now be tasked on preparing and guiding other teachers in the Center and North regions on educating their students on NHW by using the manual.

The Healthy Kids Programme is a need in every primary school as children pick either good or bad habits when it comes to nutrition at a young age and this is carried onto adulthood. The Healthy Kids manual is child-friendly and will help teachers address proper nutrition with fun photos that depict local foods which illustrate a balanced diet.

The goal is to reach all 12,000 Primary Schools in Mozambique.