Nestlé Kenya launches its primary school nutrition programme in Embu County

Mar 14, 2016

On March 2, 2016, Nestlé Kenya rolled out the Healthy Kids Programme in Embu County, where about 100 teachers and head teachers were offered skills on how to teach and encourage nutrition education and physical activities in their schools.

50 schools in the county will be introduced into the programme bringing to over 257 the number of schools in Nestlé Kenya’s nutrition program countrywide.

Nestlé’s Healthy Kids Programme promotes the well-being of children via nutrition education and encouraging physical activity in schools.

Nestlé Kenya will spend Ksh 5 million in the implementation of the program in 2016. The money will go towards providing essential nutrition education material including interactive posters and teaching manuals, helping teachers involve the children in interactive lessons about healthy eating, physical exercise, hygiene and sanitation. Overall, Nestlé Kenya is targeting to roll out the programme in over 150 new schools drawn from Embu, Kirinyaga and Kakamega Counties.

During the Embu County launch, the teachers were introduced to HKP training materials which they will in turn use to train their colleagues and help reach the pupils in the selected schools.

Thanks to the Healthy Kids Programme, feedback from Kenyan teachers shows that the programme has had immense benefits to the schools where, since 2012, they have recorded an enhanced awareness of the importance of good nutrition. School children now crosscheck their break and lunch packs with the Healthy Kids Posters displayed in their classes.

More than 615 teachers have so far been trained in the programme in Nairobi, Kiambu and Gatundu North and are helping reaching out to millions of school going children who are often prone to malnutrition and other nutrition deficiencies.