Nestlé Congo hosted an important a Private Sector seminar on Good governance and Anti-Corruption initiative

Aug 28, 2013

On Tuesday 28th, Nestlé Congo hosted an important Private Sector seminar under the theme of Good Governance and Fight against Corruption in the private sector. The initiative against corruption led by the private sector started a few years ago. More than 20 companies are currently involved in this process. A draft code of conduct is currently being circulated in order to get signatures from interested companies. In recognition of our alignment on good conduct in doing business in Congo the DRC Anti-Corruption initiative requested us to share our experience so that together we can build a benchmark for best practices which can allow the private sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo to conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner.

During his presentation, the country manager, Hervé Barrere showed how compliance is laid out in policies covering our people and values and dealing with our external stakeholders such as suppliers and government organizations. We maintain regular and consistent internal communication, we train our employees and conduct regular reviews through our audit function. Keeping company credibility is an active process implying:

  • Consistent and continuous communication from Management to sensitise our people and external stakeholders (suppliers, lawyers, etc.)
  • Regular training for our staff.
  • Immediate and consistent follow-up and sanctioning on reported non-complaint conduct.
  • Internal Compliance Integrity Reporting System (whistleblower line)
  • Regular audits

Three other presentations were done by Ernst & Young, Fondation Entreprendre and Racines which highlighted the need from the private sector to synergize their effort in order to tackle the issues and to lay grounds for public-private discussions to find sustainable solutions.

In the presence of the participants and the delegate of the British Ambassy, Mr.Jean-Carol Pelletier, the Ambassador of Canada in DRC congratulated Nestlé Country Manager for hosting such an important event and for sharing best practices which are aligned with the efforts to create sustainable development of the DRC.