Mozambique launches Nestlé Combo Pack

May 1, 2014

The Sales team from Nestlé Mozambique launched promotional campaigns during Labor Day (May 1, 2014) for a Nestlé Combo Pack and Ricoffy 3 in 1 activations in the Southern, Central and Northern regions.

In the Southern region, the promotional campaign included the launch of the Nestlé Combo Pack, which included featured products such as MAGGI® Chicken Tablets, MAGGI® Noodles, Ricoffy 3 in 1, and Hard candy. This combo was created and produced by the sales team, with the aim of leveraging less known brands.

In the Central and Northern regions, the presence of Nestlé was through the activation of Ricoffy 3 in 1 to various employees who were walking during the Labor Day parade. The Labor Day parade usually takes place in Maputo province, but for the first time, it happened in Tete Province.