Historic launch of the Maggi Rich flavours in Zimbabwe.

May 11, 2011

In his opening speech, The Region Head, Mr Pierre Trouilhat highlighted that throughout its 52 years of operations in Zimbabwe, Nestlé has brought meaningful value to the society at large by offering nutritious products under its world renowned brands, sourcing raw materials locally, creating employment and participating in meaningful ways to the social development of the country.

The pay off line “Love cooks with MAGGI” was explained as follows:


The essence of mum.  Everything  she does embodies this emotion. It is what drives the wellbeing of her family. ‘Love’ also encapsulates taste as well as wholesomeness.


Creates the culinary link, and is the action word. It is through cooking that she delivers health, nutrition and satisfaction.

WITH – indicates partnership,


MAGGI is empowering the mother in her role

Guests included key customers from the trade.  These were given the opportunity to sample the product so that they will appreciate the richness of the new product.