Giving Healthy Kids Programme a boost in Mozambique

Jun 11, 2015

On Thursday, 11th June, Nestlé Mozambique officially presented the Healthy Kids Program Manuals to the Minister of Education and Human Development (MINEDH), Jorge Ferrao in a ceremony attended by the Vice Minister of MINEDH, members of the Education Board and civil society organizations.

The manuals include teacher and student manuals on nutrition which were developed by Nestlé in collaboration with a nutritionist and the Ministry of Education and Human Development to bring knowledge about health and nutrition to Mozambican students.

''Information is knowledge and knowledge is an important tool, '' said the Minister of MINEDH during the ceremony adding that he had confidence the initiative will lessen the problems of malnutrition amongst our children and by addressing food problems, it will be possible to improve the quality of education for our children.

For Nestlé Mozambique, this partnership with MINEDH aims to enhance nutrition education in our schools to allow our children to adopt healthy eating habits and bring knowledge about health and nutrition to Mozambican students.

After the Nestlé Mozambique Country Manager, Diogo Victoria, handed over the HKP manuals to the Minister of MINEDH, the charm of children’s joy filled the room and everyone present, joined them to sing along to a song they prepared related with the topic ... "Na Machamba do Papa."

The dissemination of the manuals will be carried out nationally by Nestlé with the help of MINEDH.