DRC's Minister of Industry visits Nestlé Congo

May 7, 2014

Nestlé Congo Country Manager, HervéBarrere gave the opening remarks and a presentation of Nestlé Congo. Thereafter, a safety induction was conducted before the factory tour. At the end of the tour, the Minister spoke to the media highlighting Nestlé Congo’s role in providing job creation, Industry best practices, and Good Nutrition for Health...Nestle’s objectives on NHW which were a key focus for him. Hervé highlighted that the government visit was a positive element in our collaboration with local authorities and thanked them their support. In addition, he mentioned that our vision focused on enhancing the lives of all Congolese in all we do, exceling in best practices and supporting the country’s development. He also urged the DRC government to continue to foster and provide more support to all efforts being done in the economic landscape of DRC.