2nd Edition of Molongi Na NIDO®

Jul 1, 2014

The second edition of Molongi Na NIDO® (Win with NIDO®) has been back in the streets of Kinshasa since 23rd June this year.

The principle of the promotion is still as simple and as effective as the 1st edition. Any consumer that buys a NIDO® tin (400g, 900g, or 2500g) anywhere and brings it to the nearest activation point, is automatically eligible for an instant draw. This year’s prizes include items such as branded notebooks, torches, colored pencils, power generators, NIDO® 400g tins, NIDO® T-shirts, caps, etc.

Aligned with the brand essence, Nurturing a Healthy Future, the ultimate prizes for 2014 are a scholarship worth USD 1,500 and a full year of NIDO® tins – equivalent of 52 tins of 400g.

The promotion will last 2 months and has kicked off in an exciting atmosphere where consumers recalled last year’s big wins and welcomed it again with a lot of enthusiasm.