MILO® launches digital nutrition calculator for mums

Nairobi, 7th April 2014: Nestlé Kenya, through its MILO® brand, has unveiled a web based nutrition calculator enabling parents to calculate the nutrition component of their kid’s meals, analyse their activeness, set up a balanced diet and schedule their kid’s sports activities by just a click of the mouse, on their web-enabled phones,  tablet or ipad.

Dubbed MILO® Nutrition Calculator, the tool is designed for parents of kids between ages 6 to12 and allows them to track and monitor their nutrition intake in every day’s serving.

The application is currently available as a link on the Nestlé homepage and as a widget on

“Currently the application is web-based but we will unveil a mobile application version for both Android and ISO platforms in two months’ time,” said Diana Irungu, Category Development Manager at Nestlé.

The application will not only enhance nutritional awareness but empower mums and caregivers with information to make better nutrition choices to help their children grow strong and healthy, according to Diana.

To make use of the application, parents can use computers and mobile phones with internet access to login via the Nestlé website or MILO® East Africa Facebook, and create their children’s specific profiles.

“The application is interactive and fun and allows parents or guardians to plan their children’s daily activities and food plans, allowing them to monitor nutritional needs and activities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis,” explained Diana.

The MILO® Nutrition Calculator comes at an opportune time when health statistics are showing that the obesity rate in both private and public schools may be as high as 50 percent amongst kids in this age group.

“We encourage parents to make use of this tool we have provided for them, the MILO® Nutrition Calculator to ensure their kids eat well-balanced meals and exercise regularly,” said Diana.

The web-based tool also adds to the on-going campaign by Nestlé Kenya to encourage Kenyan families to practice good breakfast eating habits for good health and active energetic lifestyles.

Some of the benefits from the MILO® Nutrition Calculator are:
• Energy analysis based on menu: the MILO® Nutrition Calculator provides daily nutrient recommendations for children, including fat, protein and carbohydrate intake in every meal.
• Calculating daily energy needs: typically, children need between 1200 to 1600 kcal for daily activities, and more if they play sports.
• Dietary planning: according to your children’s daily kcal burn, you can easily modify their diet plan and print out a menu with the MILO® Nutrition Calculator.
• Sports scheduling: the MILO® Nutrition Calculator estimates total kcal burned based on your child’s daily activities.

About Nestlé Kenya
Nestlé Kenya Limited was established in 1967 and is wholly owned by the Nestlé Group.  Nestlé Kenya plays a strategic role as part of the Nestlé Equatorial African Region that covers 21 countries. The Nairobi factory supplies the local market, in addition to exporting to some EAC, COMESA and European markets.

Nestlé Kenya has 185 employees with its Head Office, Factory, and Distribution Centre in Industrial Area, Nairobi. Some of the products produced at the factory include; NESCAFÉ® MILO®, CEREVITA® and MAGGI®.
Nestlé engages with communities through its Creating Shared Value initiative, where the Company believes that in order for a business to prosper over the long term, the communities it serves must also prosper. The focus areas for Nestlé’s Creating Shared Value initiative are nutrition, water and rural development.